It has been a long time without any news. A small update:

  • IWI (the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science) has moved since September 1, 2007 to Bernoulliborg, our new building in the Zernike campus. You can find the new address at the homepage. If you are visiting from outside Groningen, take bus 11 or 15 from the train station and step off at Zernike. Bernoulliborg is the blue building in front of you.

  • I visited Athens (September 17-20, 2007) for the workshop Chaos in Astronomy and then Boulogne (October 1-8, 2007) for a collaboration with Dmitri√≠ Sadovski√≠.

  • The following week (October 15-19, 2007) I will be in Leiden for the workshop Hamiltonian Lattice Dynamical Systems.

  • My contract at RuG has been extended to August 2009.

  • In 2007-2008 I will be teaching only the course Meetkunde en Natuurkunde and in particular I will not teach Metrische Ruimten.

Konstantinos Efstathiou
Konstantinos Efstathiou
Mathematics Dynamical Systems