Three new papers have been accepted for publication recently. First, a review paper with Dmitrií Sadovskií has been accepted for publication in Reviews of Modern Physics. The subject of the review is the recent advances in the study of the hydrogen atom in electric and magnetic fields that were made possible by adopting the point of view of global analysis of (near) integrable Hamiltonian systems. A paper on bidromy with Dominique Sugny has been already published in Journal of Physics A. In the paper we describe the classical actions and the joint quantum spectrum of integrable Hamiltonian systems with bifurcation diagram that contains a swallowtail catastrophe. Finally, a paper with Elie Assémat, Marc Joyeux, and Dominique Sugny has been accepted for publication to Physical Review Letters. In this paper we study the common appearance of fractional monodromy and bidromy in the vibrational spectrum of HOCl.