Paper on Entrainment of Winfree Oscillators

In a recent work with Igor Hoveijn and Yongjiao Zhang, motivated by the question of entrainment with the daily dark–light cycle, we considered a model consisting of globally coupled Winfree oscillators under the influence of a periodic external forcing term. The paper has just appeared in Chaos. […]

Workshop on Collective Dynamics and Networks

From June 10 to June 12, 2022 we are organizing an exciting online workshop on Collective Dynamics and Networks at the Zu Chongzhi Center for Mathematics and Computational Sciences.

Paper on Toric Foliations

A paper with Bohuan Lin and Holger Waalkens on toric foliations has been published in Regular and Chaotic Dynamics. From the paper: In 2005 Dullin et al. proved that the non zero vector of Maslov indices is an eigenvector with eigenvalue 1 of the monodromy matrices of an integrable Hamiltonian system. We take a close look at the geometry behind this result and extend it to the more general context of possibly non-Hamiltonian systems.

Paper on Secondary Synchronized Clusters

The last paper with Jian Gao on the collective dynamics of second-order oscillators has been accepted for publication in Chaos. From the paper: The synchronization process in oscillator networks, such as in the Kuramoto model, is typically driven by the formation of a large synchronized cluster that gradually absorbs more oscillators. This process can be disrupted by the formation of smaller synchronized clusters that compete with the main one. Such smaller clusters lead to non-stationary states where the order parameter varies periodically in time in contrast to coherent stationary states where it is constant.

Paper on the Topological Data Analysis of ΛCDM Cosmological Models

A paper with Georg Wilding, Keimpe Nevenzeel, Rien van de Weygaert, Gert Vegter, Pratyush Pranav, Bernard Jones, and Job Feldbrugge on the persistent homology of the large scale structures in ΛCDM cosmological models has been accepted for publication in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. More details and the paper can be found here.

PhD defense Jian Gao

Jian Gao, my third PhD student, successfully defended today his PhD thesis on the Synchronization of coupled second-order Kuramoto oscillators. Congratulations Dr. Gao 😄!

PhD defense Yongjiao Zhang

Yongjiao Zhang, my second PhD student, successfully defended last Monday her thesis on externally forced Winfree systems at the University of Groningen. Congratulations Dr. Zhang!

Talk at the Zu Chongzhi Center Opening Conference

The opening conference of the Zu Chongzhi Research Center for Mathematics and Computational Sciences takes place October 31 to November 3, 2019 at Duke Kunshan University. I am giving a talk with title On the topology of integrable Hamiltonian fibrations.

Duke Kunshan University

Starting October 1st, 2019 I will be appointed Associate Professor of Mathematics at the Zu Chongzhi Center for Mathematics and Computational Sciences of Duke Kunshan University in Kunshan, China.

Talk at the mini-workshop Semitoric Systems and Beyond

I will give a talk on Rotation Forms and Non-compact Standard and Fractional Monodromy at the mini-workshop Semitoric Systems and Beyond. The mini-workshop takes place 10-11 September 2019 in Antwerp on the occasion of the PhD defense of Jaume Alonso.

Talk at Equadiff 2019

I will give a talk on Bifurcations and Monodromy of the Axially Symmetric 1:1:-2 Resonance at the mini-symposium Integrable Hamiltonian Systems in Equadiff 2019. Equadiff 2019 takes place 8-12 July 2019 in Leiden. The mini-symposium is organized by Holger Waalkens and Alexey Bolsinov.

PhD Summer School "Complex Networks: Dynamics and Control"

The Mathematics for Real World Systems (MathSys) Centre for Doctoral Training at the University of Warwick and the Data Science and Systems Complexity Centre at the University of Groningen are co-organizing a PhD Summer School on Complex Networks: Dynamics and Control. The school will take place 3-5 July 2019 at the University of Warwick. I will give two lectures on the Dynamics and Synchronization of Globally Coupled Oscillators. More information can be found on the school website.